Celavive: Skin Care for Every Age

Celavive: Skin Care for Every Age

Your skin is very different than it was when you were a kid. It's even different than it was when you were a teenager. You're probably saying "And thank God for that!" The truth is, our bodies are constantly changing with age and that includes our skin. Why, then, would your skin care not change too? This is precisely what Celavive thought as well!

We have Celavive skin care products for sale through our online catalogue. This includes dark spot correctors, an exfoliating scrub + mask, moisture cream, and much more. Which product or products are right for you? Let's break it down by age to find out!


While there is not a wrinkle in sight yet, don’t be deceived. Now is the time to lay the foundation for good skincare habits so you’ll keep that youthful-looking glow longer. Build good habits now! UV rays can damage your skin, and the effects can have a dramatic effect on your skin’s appearance in the long run. You'll want to use sunscreen daily. Clean your face every night! Never skip removing your makeup and thoroughly cleansing and moisturizing your skin each night.


Our body’s ability to renew damaged skin cells begins to decrease around this time, and you may begin to notice those fine visible lines and wrinkles around your mouth and eyes. Big changes are happening! During these years, your skin may begin to look dull. Proper exfoliation two or three times a week can bring back a visible, youthful glow. You'll also want to use products with peptides, as these to combat the early signs of visible aging. Peptides are amino acids that are vital for supporting your skin’s youthful, supple appearance.


These are the years when your skin might go through some major transformations. The look of your wrinkles may deepen and your skin will become drier and less supple. Don't worry! Take the proactive approach to these skin issues by taking care of yourself, like getting enough sleep and eating a healthy diet. You'll also want to get serious about serums and treatments. You need to start looking for treatments and protective products that will benefit your skin all day long. Focus on moisture. You want to be using a moisturizing cream at least every night and maybe even twice a day.

50s and Beyond

During your 50s, your skin will become drier. You will notice more brown spots and your complexion may begin to sag slightly. Keep taking great care of your skin! Using a night cream while you sleep will help your skin look rejuvenated in the morning. Don't give up now; stick with your tried-and-true skincare routine. 

Change makes our lives exciting and meaningful. In regards to your skin, the key is learning how to embrace these inevitable changes and set yourself up for future skin you're happy with. Don't waste any day using inferior skin care products. Your skin deserves the best of the best. Order Celavive today!

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