How to Eat Healthy

How to Eat Healthy

Whether you're looking to lose weight, gain muscle, achieve a fitness goal, or live a longer life, the way to do it is all the same: to eat healthily. There isn’t one true perfect way to eat. For this reason, it can be tricky to know where to start. There are a few basic rules though that will work well for everyone, so here are your basic guidelines for healthy eating:

#1 Eat more fruits and vegetables

No matter what your goals are, eating more fruits and vegetables is the way to get there. If you only change one thing about your current diet, make it this! Most of us don’t eat enough vegetables, or we eat the same few over and over. Make it your goal to not only eat more vegetables, but also a wider variety of vegetables. Everything tastes good seasoned and roasted. When you eat fruits, make sure they're fresh fruits- not apple pie or dried banana slices!

The only exception to this "fresh is better" rule is frozen vegetables. You can add frozen cooked spinach, broccoli, or corn into just about any side dish or meal.

#2 Get your needed protein

Whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle, the way to do it is with protein. Protein fills you up on fewer calories, meaning you'll eat less without feeling hungry and without munching on garbage foods. Lean proteins like fish, chicken, and tofu are excellent for your daily meals. Whether to include fattier ones like red meat depends on your goals for your diet and whether your doctor has advised you to limit these foods. The less food you eat, the more of it needs to be protein.

Remember, protein is a nutrient found in many foods; it’s not just meat. Add beans, quinoa, nuts, and dairy to your diet and you'll be surprised just how full you feel!

#3 Cut out as much sugar and processed food as possible

It’s not realistic to cut sugar and processed foods completely out of your diet, so making that your goal will only set you up to be disappointed in yourself. If you find yourself eating a lot of foods like packaged lunch meat, cereal, and frozen dinners, it can be helpful to ask yourself: What could I be eating instead?

In place of boxed breakfast cereal, for example, you could make your omelet. If you drink a lot of soda, switch to water. If you often snack on pretzels or chips, maybe you could make your meals a bit larger with more protein so you’re less likely to get a craving to snack afterward.

#4 Add vitamins and other needed supplements

It can be nearly impossible to get all of your needed nutrients from food alone. Add vitamins and supplements to get your daily requirements! This includes nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and other antioxidants. These can easily be ordered online, for the most convenience and lowest prices.

Order your needed essential vitamins and supplements online from Usana. When you order your vitamins directly to your home, you never have to worry about whether you're getting everything your body needs to be healthy.

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