Are You Paralyzed by Fear? Get Past it in 5 Simple Steps

Are You Paralyzed by Fear? Get Past it in 5 Simple Steps

Is your life the life you always envisioned you'd have? If not, why? It’s no secret that fear is often what holds you back from taking a leap of faith, trying something new, or standing up for yourself. This fear then controls your life and holds you back from having what you really want and deserve. It doesn't need to be this way! Your inner critic can be silenced, and you can come out the other side powerful, confident, self-assured, and successful.

With this in mind, here are simple ways to quiet your inner critic that anyone can do:

Know that it’s okay to feel.
It’s healthy to acknowledge your feelings, no matter what they are. Are you scared? Frustrated? Bored? Mad? Expressing and releasing how you feel can be very therapeutic. Even yell and cry if you need to! Writing down your worries can help, too. Holding it all in doesn't help you or anyone else.

Be gentle with yourself.
You’re likely your toughest critic. This can do a lot of unnecessary damage to your self-esteem. Talk to yourself the same way you would talk to a friend who is struggling with the same self-doubt or roadblocks you are. Even more importantly, actually believe the advice you give your friend applies to you as well!

Be your own biggest fan.
Remind yourself how great and capable you really are. After all, you know your successes better than anyone else. This positive self-talk sounds something like “I am capable,” “I am resourceful and will find a way,” “I am talented,” and “I am more than my past failures.” You can quickly find daily mantras online to help you with positive self-talk if you need a little help getting started.

Take things day by day.
Some circumstances may make constant positivity or hustle impossible, and that’s okay. It often takes consciously slowing down and shifting your focus to the present moment to feel back in control. Life gets messy, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed and be less confident in what you set out to do. If you find yourself in a rut, slow down and create moments of calmness to bring you peace, wash away doubts, and renew your self-confidence. As you step up your inner dialogue, your self-esteem will improve.

When self-doubt is quiet, your true voice shines
Do you have a passion for helping others to become healthy with time and financial freedom? Would you be able to enjoy hobbies, a career, your relationships, and even fun lifestyle activities like boating? Are you ready to leave self-doubt and fear behind you? It's very possible that a Usana business is right for you!

Say goodbye to self-doubt, fear, and being held back into a life that doesn't fulfil you. Usana has helped many people just like you to navigate a path as a healthcare professional. If the fire inside you has dimmed to coals or singed you through missed steps, that’s okay. Reflect on how to shut out the self-doubt and fear that’s extinguishing your passion to rediscover your fiery self-confidence. If you’re interested in a new path and would like to become a wellness influencer and entrepreneur with Usana, we're here to make this possible! Contact or call (858) 382-8211 to begin your new life!

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