USANA Detox Tea Mix (28 single serve stickpacks)

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Digestive-support tea with a soothing peppermint flavor to optimize nutrient absorption*

28 Sticks / Box

Volume: 18

Body Benefits

  • Digestive HealthDigestive Health

More Information

 The USANA Difference
Enjoy an aromatic and relaxing tea with purifying herbs and a detoxifying effect to support your body’s natural digestive processes. Detox Tea Mix helps reduce the discomfort of occasional bloating and nausea caused from overeating. It also promotes the health of your gut microflora to optimize digestion and nutrient absorption.*

Key Benefits:

  • Relieves occasional bloating and gas and supports regularity*
  • Calms occasional nausea*
  • Maintains a healthy gut microbiome*
  • Soothes occasional digestive discomfort*
  • Reduces occasional feelings of bloat and gas*
  • Supports regularity and promotes proper digestion*


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