My Story

J'en El & Dr. OzJ'en El & Dr. Oz

In 1994, I was introduced to USANA Health Sciences.  The products turned out to be AMAZING.
Over time, I saw tremendous improvements in my health. My cravings had all but diminished. I began losing weight naturally (without dieting) as a result of consuming USANA’s low-glycemic shakes, bars and taking their nutritional supplements. My energy level increased and for me, life became worth living again. You see, I had been in tremendous physical pain for as long as I can remember as a result of suffering from an Autoimmune disease, which was later to be diagnosed as Lupus.
USANA Health Sciences was founded by one of the world’s leading pioneers and scientific authorities in infectious disease detection, degenerative disease prevention, human cell nutrition, and immunology. Dr. Myron Wentz, Ph.D. has degrees in (Virology & Microbiology with an emphasis in Immunology). Dr. Wentz dedicated the past 40+ years of his life to helping people throughout the world achieve optimal health.