USANA Healthy Habits Pack

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Take your nutrition up a notch with products focused on healthy digestion and your body’s natural detoxification. Cleanse old eating habits to kick-start healthy choices and see results.*

Save 15% when you purchase these products together.


Dutch Chocolate (1), French Vanilla (2), Free–Vegan (1) Nutrimeal—Low-glycemic shake with an ideal ratio of carbs, proteins, and beneficial fats. Personalize the flavor by blending in your favorite fruits or vegetables for a meal replacement, or mix with water for a tasty workout recovery shake.

Hepasil DTX—Liver-support blend to help balance your body’s natural detoxification processes.*

USANA Probiotic (one box, 14 stick packs)—Contains a blend of probiotic bacteria. Try mixing with your daily protein shake, juice, or favorite beverage every one-to two-days to support healthy digestion.*

MagneCal D Chewable—Provides balanced levels of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D in truly bioavailable forms. Helps maintain strong, healthy bones, teeth, and nails, and supports healthy muscle function and strength.*

USANA Blender Bottle (small)—For quick shakes on-the-go.

Save 15% on products designed for balanced nutrition, digestion, and natural detoxification*

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