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Relax with robust immune and digestive support to thrive through every season*

When ordering this item, you may receive a product that has a redesigned label with a smaller—or different—bottle. It’s still the same, premium health product you’ve come to expect from USANA, with a new, updated look and a more environmentally friendly container. Learn more about our commitment to sustainable business practices at under “Environmental Responsibility.”

Our Support + Maintain Bundle offers four high-quality USANA supplements for broad immune and digestive health. Support wellness and vitality with USANA Probiotic, Proflavanol C200, Booster C600, and Proglucamune:*

  • USANA Probiotic: Carry a blend of 12 billion friendly, active bacteria in a convenient, on-the-go stick pack to support a strong, healthy gut and immune defense—even through times of occasional stress.*
  • Proflavanol C200 (28 ct): Bioflavonoid grapeseed extract combines with Poly C vitamin C blend to deliver powerful antioxidant support for cardiovascular, immune, and skin health.*
  • Booster C600: Support your immune system with zinc, elderberry, echinacea, and unique Poly C vitamin C blend, shown to provide higher levels of vitamin C over a longer period of time.*
  • Proglucamune: Maintain overall wellness and vitality, and support a robust, healthy immune response with organic, antioxidant-rich shiitake and reishi mushroom powders, plus baker’s yeast extract.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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