Bring Balance to the Holidays Season

Bring Balance to the Holidays Season

It is the Holiday Season yet again! If you're like many of us, 2020 hasn't exactly been your healthiest year. The gyms are closed. You've been spending a lot of time at home, which means more calories and fewer daily steps. If you're worried about what the Holiday Season is going to do to your waistline, you certainly are not alone. After all, the average person gains a few pounds over the Holiday Season and this year you're adding that to a few pounds you've put on during months of "safer at home" measures and quarantines.

Should you go on a crash diet and starve yourself to get back into your skinny jeans before the 2020 Holiday Season takes its toll on you? No way! Experts tell us that balance is the key to being healthy, happy, and successful in our health goals. Sure, there are seasonal drinks and yummy dishes that we may not normally indulge in. We may eat more on our favorite Holiday than a routine work day. That's not only normal; it is actually okay. You see, this is a normal part of balance. Some days we eat more than others due to higher levels of hunger, availability of food, emotions, plans, or many other factors. That's just as true in June as it is in December.
Let's say you know you have a big feast coming up in the evening. It is the last day of Hanukkah or the big family gettogether to open Christmas gifts. You'll be eating a bigger (and more delicious!) dinner than usual so instead of your normal breakfast, you drink a healthy chocolate nutritional shake. You also get in a three-mile walk before it is time to get ready for the party. This is balance!

Remember, being in tune with this hunger often helps us be aware of our fullness. You won't spend the entire day binging on potato latkes or Christmas cookies when you listen to when you are comfortably full. Being mindful of both your hunger and fullness helps you achieve balance at holiday dinner tables, parties, and events. This is what you should be striving for!

This Holiday Season, ask yourself these questions:
Are you balancing all aspects of your wellness?
Are you getting enough vitamins and minerals?
Are you staying hydrated?
Are you getting enough rest?
Are you exercising and moving your body in the ways you normally enjoy?
Are you paying attention to your mental health?
Are you spending as much time with your social support as possible?

These are all important slices to the pecan pie of your holiday health! If you're having trouble finding and keeping this balance, there are numerous health products you can order online that will help. Give yourself the tools you need to stay healthy and balanced this Holiday Season.
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