Millions of people are searching for a “Sturdy and Trustworthy Vehicle” that will allow them to be in control of their own lives. A Vehicle they can count on to get out of the rat race and achieve their dreams. 

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Unsurpassed Opportunity and Benefits:

USANA can be “Your” PASSPORT To A Better Future if you join our team of Successful Leaders Today! 

Here are a few of many reasons why

  • Build a Global Business from your Home
  • Work With A Team of Like-Minded Individuals
  • Use the most advanced and complete health and wellness products
  • Capitalize on Huge Trends - The Wellness Industry the “Next Trillion Dollar Industry”
  • No Employees. Work only with people you want to work with
  • No Huge Overhead or Liabilities
  • No Boss or set working hours
  • Start up Cost is Low
  • Minimal Risk!
  • Huge Tax Benefits
  • Savings that Operating a Home-Based Business offers
  • Commissions Paid Weekly with NO Upper Limit
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  • Generous Compensation Plan – (No Levels) - SEVEN ways to Get Paid…(up to 54%)
  • Create Leveraged & Residual Income – (Paid on the efforts of many = TEAM) - Not Linear = Trading Hours for dollars
  • LEGACY – You can pass this on and Will your business to your children, a charity, your spouse, etc.
  • Start Part-Time and Grow your business into Full-Time Income
  • Fire Your Boss
  • Work Out of the Convenience of Your Home
  • Have an international business in 14 (and increasing) countries
  • Time Freedom/Own Your Time
  • Financial Freedom/Own Your Life
  • Grow old peacefully and gracefully without fear
  • Your Dreams Become Your Reality
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How It Works:

USANA is marketed exclusively via Network Marketing by Independent Representatives

You won’t find our products in stores, TV, or radio

Set up Preferred Customers who then can buy at below wholesale prices and order directly from the company.     This means carrying NO INVENTORY & NO DELIVERING OF PRODUCTS by you. Their purchases generate volume for your business which YOU are paid on weekly.  We Offer Preferred Customers FREE SHIPPING when they order a Minimum of $100. in the U.S.

You can refer and enroll others who in turn build their USANA businesses. As others join you, Your business will continue to grow. Tens of thousands of families (from all walks of life) are earning checks while using the finest and most Advanced holistic Wellness System available. 

Some build it aggressively and earn Unlimited Residual income for Life. Remember, this is a Legacy you can Will to your children, spouse, a favorite charity, etc. 

USANA is a turn-key business where everything is set up for you. We will provide you with a step-by-step System that anyone can follow on a part-time basis as well as ongoing training and support so that you can be successful.  Work hard for 1 to 3 years and it’s possible to create from $61,000 to $78,000 or more a year for the rest of your life! 

If you’re at a point in your life where you’re fed up with where you’re at and are honestly ready for a change, are teachable, and determined to take Action, then it’s time to join our Winning Team. We’ll share with you the steps that so many have applied which can help turn Your Dreams into Reality. 

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There are 3 types of people after reviewing this web site:

  • You are READY to Get Started Now.
  • You are very interested and would like more information
  • Thanks, but no thanks! It’s not for me right now, but I’d like to benefit from taking the products!
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Our team is waiting for your call. 

Tel: (858) 382-8211 or (304) 457-1088
Email:  jenel@findingcomfort.com