3 Keys to Keeping Your New Year's Resolution

3 Keys to Keeping Your New Year's Resolution

Did you make a 2020 New Year’s resolution? If so, you are not alone. If you’re struggling to keep it, you are not alone in that either! While about 40% of Americans set resolutions around January 1, only about 40% to 44% of them will be successful at six months, according to research. When you also consider the fact that losing weight is one of the most popular resolutions and thousands have made health and wellness resolutions, that is a lot of people trying to meet a dietary goal and struggling or even failing to do so. Don’t let that be you!

During the Holiday Season, most people over-indulge on food and alcohol, so it’s understandable that many will set themselves a goal to lose weight. Whether you’re looking to shave off just a few pounds or really turn your life around, the key is to focus on long-term results. Here are a few expert-recommended ways to do it:

Make your goal specific

“Eating better” and “exercising more” are both good ideas, but they're too general and don't give you a real plan of action to achieve them. Instead, fill out this sentence: I will [ACTION] at/in [TIME]." If you want to get healthier, be specific: Resolve to add a fruit or vegetable to your lunch every day, limit fast food to once per week, or have a protein shake for lunch every day.

Allow yourself to mess up

Everyone screws up! Expect to have occasional slips, and don't let the occasional missed exercise or donut at the workplace make you feel so bad you give up all together. If you do fall short one day, focus on getting back on track, not the slip.

Make your resolution public

Making your goals public and asking for accountability can help so you're surrounded by supportive friends and family who want you to succeed. Plus, you’ll be less likely to cheat if those around you don’t offer you any temptation because they are aware of your health goals. As well, you won't want to tell everyone you failed, which will give you even more motivation to hit your goal!

Every New Year, individuals make resolutions to improve their lives and start the year right. While well-intentioned, many of these resolutions don’t make it past the first few weeks of the year. Keeping New Year’s resolutions is hard, especially when that goal is to be healthier and lose weight. When you order vitamins and nutritionals online, it makes it a lot easier! With weight loss snacks, shakes, and bars that taste great and keep you fuller, longer you won’t suffer with cravings and be as tempted to cheat. If you need help getting started, there are 5-day weight loss jump start options that will get your body into the right mode, quickly and efficiently. 

Beyond these great vitamins and weight loss products, be sure to include regular physical activities in your daily routine. If the gym doesn’t appeal to you, try other forms of exercise, such as walking or going for a bike ride. These will give you fresh air and be easier to integrate into your schedule because you’ll actually look forward to doing it!

Don’t spend 2020 the same way you left 2019, unhappy with your body. Make this the year you do something about it and stick to your goals!

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