USANA Advanced Collagen

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Smooth and refine your skin—and more—with the power of collagen. Let Your Face Be as Expressive as You Are.

Body Benefits

  • Skin HealthSkin Health

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Sip back and smile! And enjoy confidence in your own skin with Advanced Collagen.

Created to strengthen your skin, hair, and nails—let the best you shine from the inside out. When taken daily, Advanced Collagen’s light pomegranate citrus flavor is a refreshing way to support healthy skin aging and maintain skin elasticity to preserve and protect your natural beauty.*

Health Benefits

  • Formulated with a blend of type I and III collagen, biotin, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C to support healthy skin aging.*
  • Supports healthy collagen production and the formation of healthy joints, ligaments, muscle fibers, hair, nails, and skin.*
  • Specially designed to assist a healthy metabolism, muscle mass, and provide a good source of antioxidants.*

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