Supplements that aren't a waste of money

3 Supplements That aren't a Waste of Money

Your body works hard, and you need to feed it so it continues to perform at its best. The best way to get the vitamins and minerals you need is by eating a wide variety of foods including vegetables, fruit, whole grains, milk, and protein foods such as nuts, fish, and lean meats. While vitamins are found in food, don't be fooled into thinking your diet alone gives you everything you need. Some people may need a supplement to help them meet their needs.

That being said, no supplement has been proven to cure diseases such as cancer or diabetes. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be cautious of supplements that promise quick and dramatic results. What you want is a supplement that helps you meet your health goals, without being a waste of money.

Supplements that aren't a waste of money

Millions of people spend millions of dollars each year trying to buy their way to a better body. There's no magic pill out there, but there are a few supplements on the market that really do make a big difference for your body's overall wellness. 

#1 Multivitamin

Instead of trying to piece together what you may be missing, it's much more efficient to take a daily multivitamin. There are multivitamins made for men, multivitamins for women, multivitamins for pregnancy, multivitamins for kids, multivitamins for seniors, and more. Whatever your specific needs are, a multivitamin meets them.

#2 Fish Oil

Many Americans do not get enough Omega 3 fatty acids in their diet. You should eat Omega rich foods like salmon and nuts, but supplementing with fish oil has proven benefits as well. Researchers believe it is good for heart health and musculoskeletal health. It also lowers inflammation, which is helpful for a number of health issues. BiOmega offers a convenient way to get this valuable nutrient when you’re not consuming fish on a regular basis. To make it even healthier, our unique formula includes an extra dose of vitamin D and lemon oil to eliminate that fishy aftertaste!

#3 Probiotic

The health of your digestive tract is linked with everything from depression to obesity! It's tough to feel healthy when your stomach is bloated. Probiotics are friendly bacteria. A probiotic decreases bloating, improves your mood, and decreases fatigue. All of this is done by helping to balance the gut. Taking a probiotic can help keep everything balanced and running smoothly. If you're looking for a probiotic, we encourage you to look into our Balance for Your Belly Pack. It contains a selection of our most popular digestive health products, in addition to our core nutritionals.

Order Your Supplements Online from USANA

No matter which vitamins and supplements your body is missing out on, we make it simple and convenient to get them. We encourage you to look through our online supplement catalogue and go from there.

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